Event Visibility

Calendar Img


Opt to be included on our event calendar page to have your event seen by thousands of our website visitors each week.

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Cross Promotion Section Img

Cross Promotion Section

Have you more than one event on the platform? Easily enable cross promotion on your events to your registrations will automatically see your other events as they sign-up.

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QR Code Img

QR codes on event creation

Your Event QR Code can be used on posters/other promotional materials to allow people to sign up instantly by scanning the code with their phone!

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SEO Integration Img

SEO Integration

Easily Add Keywords to your events to make them easily searchable. We have prefilled your event category, genre and location. You have the option to add your own custom keywords also.

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Google Analytics Img

Google Analytics

Easily add your own Google Analytics to track engagement to your event page in real-time. No coding required, simply copy and paste your G-Tag into the event editor.

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