Engagement & Rewards

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Newsletter tool

Our built in newsletter tool allows you to engage with your participants easily at no extra cost. Add your own graphics, text and registration links with our easy to use editor.

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Fundraising in participation events

Our integrated fundraising option has raised over €10 million for charity since 2021. Give your fundraisers the power to make a difference and enjoy a range of benefits such as increased reach on social media channels as well as up to 15% more participation in your event.

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Discount Codes

Set up an unlimited amount of common or unique discount codes for your event. This enables you to easily incentivise new participants through a range of channels.

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Price Tranches

Easily set up tired pricing for tickets by date or quantity. For example, the first 100 ticket sold will be priced at €50 but the remainder will be priced at €70. Similarly, you can set up an early bird offer so tickets will automatically be set to €50 for the first two weeks of sales

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