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Teen Connect Project Team 2024

2024 Project Team Fee


Event Description:

What will you do on the Teen Connect Project Team:
Leadership Training in Jan/Feb 2024- Two in person days, 4 zoom sessions.
Visibility Campaign - Leadership training will educate and prepare you for raising awareness on this years theme: Periods & Watersports.
Regional Events - Helping to organise and lead these events! Instead of one big event at the end of the year, this year we will do 3 mini-events.
*note: travel to and from events, and any overnight accommodation needed will need to be organised externally.

When/Where will it all happen:
Leadership course dates:
In Person: January 6th: Saturday in-person, full day incl. Paddling Activity- Location: Greater Dublin (tbc)
Monday January 8th 7pm-8:30pm
Monday January 15th 7pm-8:30pm
Monday January 22th 7pm-8:30pm
Monday January 29th 7pm-8:30pm
 In Person: Saturday February 10th in-person, full day incl. Paddling Activity- Location: Greater Dublin (tbc)
80% attendance to receive certification
All locations will be decided with consideration of the full team's home locations.

Regional Events
Locations will be in the North-west, South-west and South-east to reach rural communities and clubs!
Dates are:
1. Saturday 24th March - Launch of the Visibility Campaign (Easter Break)
2. Saturday 4th May (Bank Holiday Weekend)
3. Saturday 29th June (End of all exams!)