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Takes place on 18 Feb 2023 09:00

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Event Description:
Course code: L5SKST, Course Level: 5
Discipline: Sea Kayak, Category: Skills
Course Description:
The Level 5 Sea Kayak Skills Award aims to enable candidates to: 1.01   Develop the necessary skills, group awareness, and group management to kayak as a member of a peer group safely and competently on moderate/rough seas (Douglas Sea Scale). 1.02   Proactively prevent rescue situations occurring and deal competently with any rescue situations which might occur on moderate/rough seas (Douglas Sea Scale). The course also aims to provide the candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to help develop sea kayaking and help promote awareness of safety procedures.

Instructor: Aidan Doran
Instructor Comment: Exact locations and course prep materials will be shared with candidates in the week leading up to the course, to allow for weather conditions, for more detail contact or Stephen Hannon

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