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PaddleWest - Lough Lannagh - 25th/26th June

PaddleWest is back! A fun-packed multidisciplinary paddlesports event in the West of Ireland for Junior paddlers


Event Description:


Important note:

PaddleWest programme offers activities over 2 days.

However you can attend both days or just one of choice.

On Saturday 25th June afternoon/evening a BBQ, Paddle Orienteering and a SPARTY (Sports Party) are on offer.

The multidisciplinary event is on the Sunday 26th June


When purchasing your tickets please choose relevant ticket option

  1. Saturday ONLY: BBQ, Paddle Orienteering and SPARTY
  2. Sunday ONLY: Multidisciplinary Event
  3. Saturday and Sunday: BBQ, Paddle Orienteering, SPARTY and Multidisciplinary Event




Saturday 25th June

16:00 Registration and BBQ at Lough Lannagh Holiday Village

17:00 to 19:00 Paddle Orienteering in a boat/board of your choice on Lough Lannagh

19:00 to 21:30 SPARTY!!! Sports Party organised by the Teen Connect Project Team with live music, circus activities and fun games

Please note boats/boards will be available on site for the Paddle Orienteering however if you prefer to bring your own please do. Maps will be provided on the day.


Sunday 26th June

9:00: Registration and random allocation to teams of 4 paddlers 

9:30 to 12:00:

Group 1 will do team events in Polo, Slalom and Flatwater Racing

Group 2 will do team events in Open Boating, SUP and R&S (Rescue and Safety)

12:00 to 13:00: Lunch break

13:00 to 15:30:

Group 1 will do team events in Open Boating, SUP and R&S (Rescue and Safety)

Group 2 will do team events in Slalom, Polo and Flatwater racing

16:00 to 17:00 Team Mashup in Monster SUP head to head

17:00 to 17:30 Prizes and Raffle Draw


2 events running in parallel, National Teen Connect and PaddleWest, with all participants coming together during the BBQ and SPARTY.

Teen Connect will run 3 rotating on-water workshops with 3 different Paddlesports disciplines on offer and an evening pool session with a rolling and water confidence workshop.

PaddleWest will offer Paddle Orienteering on Lough Lannagh, using boat/board of choice.


In teams of 4 the paddlers will rotate through 6 40-minute workshops (Open Canoe, SUP, Slalom, Flawater Racing, Polo and R&S) with a team event/task at the end of each workshop and an associated point system.

The day will culminate with a head-to-head MONSTER SUP race, with 20 paddlers per SUP.

The teams of 4 will be created on the day and grouped in first instance by age: U12s, U14s, U16s and U18s.


Please bring: Gear for getting wet and extra changes, bouyancy vest, helmets, paddles. If you are missing any of these there will be additional equipment on site

Accomodation: Lough Lannagh Holiday Village is the main event venue. On site there are options to camp and a limited number of holiday houses. Please contact Ronan for booking and mention you are attending PaddleWest. There are many other local options too.

It will be a fun packed weekend. Please make sure you bring enough clothing for weather conditions forecast, food, hydration.