Remembrance Run 2021


Remembrance Run supported by SPAR is back . Join us on Sunday 14th November to celebrate the 10-year anniversary!


Event Description:

Remembrance Run 5K supported by SPAR is a unique event that encourages people of all levels of fitness to Walk, Jog or Run together over 5 kilometres in the Phoenix Park on a November Sunday morning, while remembering and dedicating their participation in the event to family or friends.

Entry will include the 2021 Remembrance Run 5K commemorative candle.

There is an option to purchase the Remembrance Run 5K t-shirt (limited availability).

Any proceeds made from the event go towards supporting The Daily Mile Ireland which encourages children to stay active and healthy by engaging in 15 minutes of exercise during the school day.


Remembrance Run 2021 - Sunday, November 14, 2021 - Furze Road

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