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Cycling Ireland | Accredited Road Marshal Scheme

Part of the Cycling Ireland Strategy for 2022 to provide programmes to enhance safety and event quality by delivering a road marshals training

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Event Description:

The training will be broken down into 3 easy parts as follows:


Stage 1: Introductory presentation - this is a presentation sent to anyone who is interested in completing the course and will be emailed out a few weeks prior to stage 2 so that they can assess whether or not they would like to complete the full course.  This section is designed to introduce participants to the role of an Accredited Marshal and the legislation that supports the role.  It will provide participants with a clear understanding of what is covered in the programme and the requirements of the role. If the person wishes to continue onto stage 2 they should inform their club or Cycling Ireland to be booked onto the next available course.


Stage 2: Classroom style training – this section will include further detail on road traffic legislation, risk assessment and health & safety will be provided.  Classroom learning will include assessment before being considered as competent for the role. Include theoretical and practical information on the use of radios, deploying to stop traffic safely and how to respond to various scenarios, including conflict from drivers or an accident /incident.  All participants will be required to take a written knowledge check and a practical

The remaining classroom sessions will take place on the dates below - please register for the session that suits you best

Stage 3: This part of the process is designed to ensure continuous development and retention of the skills as an Accredited Road Marshal.  Participants will be required to complete two reflective logs annually showing evidence of practical deployments, continuous learning, and competence in the role. 


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