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Level 1 Course, Enniscorthy - Oct 1st + 8th


Event Description:

Level 1 Coaching Course. Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


October 1st+ 8th - 10am-5pm - Enniscorthy Track


All dates must be attended to complete the course


  • Developing the techniques of running, jumping and throwing.
  • Understanding the effects of puberty in developing the young athlete
  • Planning and conducting a training session incorporating Running, Jumping and Throwing
  • Developing the mental capacities of the athlete towards fair play, discipline, confidence, concentration etc.
  • Developing the fundamental skills of Running, Jumping and throwing and making them more sport specific
  • Continuing the development of athletics in a fun environment
  • Child Welfare and Safety in events

Duration: This is a course over 2 weekends (24 hours)

Entry Requirements: Level 1 is open to all those 18 years or older who have completed an Athletics Leader course or an Assistant Coach course.

Cost: €100 - Included in the price for this course is a Coaching Manual.

Contact: or (087)0632326