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Join the virtual ‘Daily Mile’ and help us on our tour of Waterways Ireland's network of paths and trails.


Event Description:

The Daily Mile at home has already been a huge success and now we want you to help us spread the word by joining us for a virtual Daily Mile Tour the Waterways!

Waterways Ireland have been a huge supporter of The Daily Mile and we want everyone to know what great amenities they can be.

Obviously with our current restrictions, not everyone can access a waterway trail within their 5km radius, so instead we're asking those of you who to do help us create a virtual tour of the section of the waterways closest to you. This can be your local Waterways Ireland Greenway or Blueway.

Simply register below by letting us know what Waterway is located within your 5km radius. We'll then ask you to send us a short video clip of you doing your 'Daily Mile' along your local waterway.

You can find a full list of the Waterways Ireland paths and trails here

Once we've received all of your video clips, we'll then edit them and create a virtual 'Daily Mile' Tour of the waterways.

You'll have until April 19th to submit your video :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Daily Mile along your local Waterway should always be supervised by a Parent or Teacher.