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Wallace Caldwell Memorial

This event takes place on the 9th of April 2022


Event Description:

BRC are proud to once again run the Wallace Caldwell Memorial Road Race. This years race will run on a new circuit course which will make for a great event for both riders and spectators alike. The winner will be presented with the Wallace Caldwell Memporial trophy and there will be prizes for the first 6 riders to cross the line as well as first unplaced female and junior rider.

Cars will not be permitted to follow the race!!

Categories: There will be cash prizes for the top 5 riders as well as 1st unplaced junior, female, A2, A3 and 1st BRC rider to cross the line. The winner will be presented the Wallace Caldwell Memorial Trophy.

The race will begin at 11am. The church hall will be available from 9.30am  

Entry fees: Senior £22, Junior £18

Race HQ and car parking - Second Randalstown Presbyterian Church Hall, BT41 3BL

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