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IDMS Pep & Prep Day

This event takes place on the 19th March 2022

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Event Description:

Compulsory PEP & PREP Safety Day for U14 Juvenile Riders wishing to compete in the 2022 IDMS.

Also Open for U16 Youth & Women to attend.

The Pep & Prep Day is designed to be a fun day, and to give riders;

  1. A clear understanding as to the minimum requirement for head and body armour and protective equipment in order to be permitted to practice or race this event, or any of the IDMS events in 2022.
  2. An insight into basic checks and maintenance on their bikes to make sure that they are competition ready and fit for purpose.
  3. A chance to gain an understanding of what is involved in the proper race preparation techniques utilised by some of the local World Cup Athletes, including diet and nutrition.
  4. A chance for a ‘Track Walk’, a vital part of any DH athlete’s preparation.
  5. A chance to ‘section’ parts of the DH track to familiarise yourselves with the skills that are required.

    • 09:30 - Meeting at Cloughmore Centre in Rostrevor Forest at main carpark. Introduction and chat by Benny Clerkin (Cycling Ireland Commissaire). Subjects, goals and strategy for the IDMS and use of Body Armour.
    • 09:50 - Bike Maintenance and check with Mark Dickson (former Ireland DH World Champs Team Manager).
    • 11:00 - Race Nutrition And race preparation with Eamonn Rooney (Senior coach and owner of GYM TEC, Newry).
    • 11:30 - Track Walk with Jacob Dickson (Professional World DH Athlete)
    • 13:30 – Light lunch at Cloughmore Centre, provided by Rostrevor MTB
    • 14:00 - Track Sectioning
    • 16:30 Finishing back at Cloughmore Centre in Rostrevor Forest at main carpark.

    For any Juvenile that cannot attend, a letter of approval from qualified coach, or similar, will be required before being permitted to practice or race.


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