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Ulster 10m TT

This Event takes place the 11th July 2021

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Event Description:

 Entries close Fri 9th July @ 8pm

Further information ahead of Ulster 16.1km TT on Sunday. A Race Pack and start times will be emailed to all riders on Saturday morning.

The course is straight out and back, turning at Staghall Roundabout after 8km.
Route: Click for Strava Segment 

Ahead of the event, some information/maps to be aware can be found below

Click below for useful locations: 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Belonging to a club/team based in the Province
  • Unattached and resident in the Province/ Residency in the Province
  • Belonging to a club/team based outside Ireland but,
    • 1) Immediate past address was in the Province
    • 2) Most previous Irish club/team was based in the Province

Entries are currently restricted to those belonging to a club in Ulster / Un-attached Ulster

If you meet the criteria listed above but have difficulty entering please contact the organisers with details of your eligibility. You will receive an access code allowing you to enter

Owing to Covid precautions, results will be posted virtually

Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


Licence Number:


Date Of Birth: