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IDMS Round 1 Carrick, Glenealy, Wicklow

Round 1 of the IDMS in Carrick Glenealy Wicklow


Event Description:

The first round of the Irish Downhill Mountainbike Series 


Located in Carrick Montain in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow. Carrick is a regular vene on the IDMS calendar and is known for being one of the longer tracks on the calendar with a mix of  high speed sections linking up big jumps and technical challenges. It's not for the feint of heart.


  1. Downhill (DH) mountain biking is an adventure sport, which carries a high level of risk, including serious injury or death.  The course will feature uneven terrain, steep descending, jumps, rocks, trees and roots.  Track conditions may change during the event, especially if conditions are wet.  By entering this event, you accept the risks.
  2. This event is not suitable for beginners.  Competitors should have prior experience of DH mountain biking and a level of skill suitable for downhill racing.   
  3. Your bike should be of a suitable standard for DH racing must be maintained to a safe condition. Competitors deemed to have unsafe or unsuitable equipment will be disqualified (with no refund).
  4. Full face helmets are mandatory. Knee elbow, back protection and gloves are strongly advised for all riders and mandatory for all under 18 riders in line with Cycling Ireland regulations)

 Cycling Ireland Mountainbike Rules and Policies

  1. Under 18s must be entered by a parent or guardian and a parent or guardian must remain  at the race venue for the duration of the event (practice day and race day).
  2. A "practice ban" will be in place for two weeks before the event, i.e. from Saturday 13th May onwards.   Please respect this.  Competitors caught practising the track during this time will be disqualified without refund.


Provisional timetable subject to change


Friday 26th

Early sign on 6pm - 8pm (sharp)

Saturday 27th

Sign on 8.00-10.30 am


First up-lift 8.45 am  


Lunch (track closed - no uplifts) 13.00-14.00


Seeding Runs 14.00-16.00


16.00 onwards track closed


Sunday 28th


First up-lift 8.45 am


Lunch (track closed - no uplifts) 13.00-14.00


Race Runs 14.00-16.00


Start times for seeding and race runs will be posted at the event.

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