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Priming for Performance and Recovery in Training and Competition

A webinar presentation and discussion with Peter Thompson on 'Priming for Performance and Recovery in Training and Competition'


Event Description:

Friday 30th April 7-30pm to 8-50pm


Priming for Performance and Recovery in Training and Competition - What to Do and When to Do It

Most coaches are now familiar with the RAMP warm up and what the acronym stands for. This webinar will discuss what activities make for optimal (RAM) Potentiation or "Priming" in the warm up for training and competition so that the metabolic energy systems and biokinetic energy system are appropriately activated to bring the athlete to the start, optimally ready to go.

We shall will also discuss priming for recovery - activities can we do in training or after competition to speed the recovery and adaptation process.


Peter has held roles with the IAAF (now World Athletics), as Event Group Leader for Endurance, and the European Athletics Coach Association as European Endurance Leader. Since 1978, Peter has concentrated on the middle and long distance events with his athletes setting six world records. He formally defined the ‘New Interval Trainingmethod in 1995, after innovating, developing and using the method from 1975.

More recently he has identified, defined and developed the terms ‘Biokinetics’ and ‘The Fourth Energy System’, which is one of the concepts that underpin Athletics Ireland’s training philosophy for physical preparation.