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Ballivor Grand Prix

This event takes place on the 9th of July 2022


Event Description:

Navan Road Club are pleased to hold the Ballivor Grand Prix on the 9th July 2022. This race starts the series of races that we hold during the month of July, all of which take place on a Saturday evening. The following races are:

Robinstown Grand Prix - 16th July 2022 

Mount Nugent - 30th July 2022

The Ballivor race is run as a handicapped race, A4 off first followed by A3/Juniors, then A1/A2.

The race is run over 3 laps of the following course:


The race will start at approx. 7pm. Sign on is required for all entrants at the start area, which is just outside Mcloughlins pub on the main street. 

If a cyclist wants to enter all 3 races being run by Navan in July a combined entry for all 3 can be bought under this Ballivor event. The entry for all 3 races is €50.00. Please select the following entry:

Navan Road Club - July Races Combined Entry

Once you have bought your entry for all 3 races, you do not have to buy another entry for Robinstown or Mount Nugent, just turn up to each race and sign on.


The first 15 riders over the line in each of the July races being run by Navan will get points towards the overall GC for these races. The points are awarded as follows:

1st - 30pts

2nd - 27pts

3rd - 24pts

4th - 21pts

5th - 20pts

6th - 19pts

7th - 18pts

8th - 17pts

9th - 16pts

10th - 15pts

11th - 14pts

12th - 13pts

13th - 12pts

14th - 11pts

15th - 10pts

The same points will be awarded for the first 15 across the line in Robinstown Grand Prix + Mount Nugent Grnad Prix. The top 3 riders with the most points at the end of Mount Nugent will win the overall GC prizes. 

All riders must take part in all 3 July races to be able to compete for the overall GC prize. 

There are no youth races for the Ballivor Grand Prix.

Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


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