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Pieta "Reach Out" Virtual 5K

You’ve got a friend in me! A message that there is always someone who will listen, just REACH OUT!


Event Description:

To kick start 2021, Pieta have created an event for the month of January, to advocate awareness around the importance of reaching out for support when we are struggling mentallyAn event to engage with a friends, family, work colleagues, to show them that YOU are there if they ever require, YOU will listen, to create an event that has a domino effect in respect to its message….. You’ve got a friend in me!  A message that there is always someone who will listen, just REACH OUT!

The Event:

Run or walk 5k over the Month of January, with a friend, a colleague, a neighbour or a family member to show your there for them as a friend, to show you are there if they ever need someone to listen, to raise much needed awareness around the importance of reaching out and to raise vital funding for Pieta.

The Reward:

Each entrant will receive a beautiful custom medal, t-shirt and trolley token by post in early February. A "Reach Out" Beanie hat is also available as an optional extra

Social Media:

You can keep us to to date by using the hashtag #reachoutpieta on your social media posts

Submitting Evidence:

Please send us in your 5km time at the following link here or through our mobile app. The portal will close on Jan 31st and we'll publish a leaderboard in early February.


Why Reach Out?

  • We all would listen to someone, who came to us in distress, feeling anxious, feeling lonely, upset, depressed or suffering from suicidal ideation…..but do they know?? How do they know, that you or I would take the time to listen?  
  • Many of us are willing to extend a helping hand, but we’re very reluctant to REACH OUT for help when we need it ourselves. It’s as if we’ve divided the world into “those who offer help” and “those who need it”. The truth is that WE are both 
  • Asking for help is difficult but it is vital now more than ever that people reach out to friends, family and neighbours for support to help reduce anxiety and loneliness and boost their emotional and mental health 
  • "What the bravest thing you've ever said" asked Piglet. "Help" said Pooh, Asking for help isn't giving up, it's refusing to give up! Help us help those who reach out to Pieta, by supporting this virtual event