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Grass Routes Gran Fondo 2021


This cycle takes place in Tipperary on the 19th of September 2021 Website:


Event Description:

An Irish Boreen Adventure!

A one-of-a-kind cycle based in Tipperary hosted by the Grass Routes CC, in association with The Bike Place. The self guided "with benefits" Grass Routes Gran Fondo takes participants on a criss-cross 165km classics style stage event where they weave a path from rural boreen to boreen, taking in several mixed surface sectors on route to the finish.

Influenced by the American DIY gravel events, but more in common with the European “classics”, the crew at Grass Routes CC have taken the no marshal self-guided approach and brought it to the road community; ever wonder where that small road goes? Well now you know!

The cycle primarily keeps to paved rural and boreen (grass routes) roads but frequently detours into 1-2km mixed/gravel/dirt/Limestone “sectors”, which push your road bike to the limits, think of a cobbled classic. The Bike Place will be riding road bikes with 25c standard tyres, some people will prefer to use a CX/Gravel bike with 28c+ tyres for these types of roads and keep the S-Works in the garage, that’s cool too! The “with benefits” part is the incredible lengths the small group of volunteers go; marking each junction, placing signage at each KOM (15 in total) and Sectors (19 in total) , supplying a refuel stop midway, and ensuring rescue support, both mechanical and medical, is available should you need it to aid your journey.

The cycle is ran as an no-admission charge event (Free)cool:

Its purpose is to invite people into our locality, promote the area/style of riding and help grow these type of DIY events that give back to the cycling community. Buy a sweet treat in a local village shop on way around, go for a meal after the cycle in one of the towns many restaurants, stay the night before and support our local campsites/hotels/dare I say pubs, enjoy your day! 

We do have event T-shirts and merchandise which help make the event self-sustainable if you would like to purchase one. You can add to the order laughing