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Munster Cx 2023 Round 6


This event takes place on 03/12/23


Event Description:

Munster Cx 2023 Round 6
Limerick Racecourse

10:00am - U6, U8, U10 (Boys and Girls)
10:30am - U12 (Boys and Girls)
11:00pm - U16, U14 (Boys and Girls)
12:00pm - B Mens Race
12:02pm - Womans Race
13:15pm - Senior A, Jnr, M40, M50, M60 Race


General Advice for all CX Events from the Commisaires

  1. Underage / Youth must sign on themselves and take their own timing strap (if their race is being chipped / timed).
  2. All participants must pre-register online. No “on the day” sign on for underage unless the event organiser has written approval from CI to allow “on the day sign on” with a one-day licence.
  3. The Course, Starting Grid and Pits to be set up in accordance with CI Technical Rules and Regulations and UCI Specifications as per attached.
  4. Yellow flags to be erected to identify the entry / exist points of the pit.
  5. No children or animals allowed in the Pit Area.
  6. All pit crews must be able to carry out their roles in a safe manor, they must have a Pit Pass (wrist band). Pit Crew must sign on, Max 2 persons per rider.
  7. UCI starting procedure to be followed for each race: 30second warning, “on my whistle” etc and whistle blown from behind the starting field.
  8. 80% Rule applies to the A Race only, however, best advice for all races is for the race organiser to have a diversion or block the course a safe distance after the finish line, after the winning rider completes the course, where timing staps can also be removed. No riders are to be allowed continue around the course after the winning rider has finished.
  9. Also note rules about feeding, dismounting in the pits and general procedure in the pits etc in the attached CI Technical Rules and Regulations.
  10. Junior riders can ride the A race but there is a maximum amalgamated time of 50minutes for this Race.
  11. All participants must wear their registered club kit or an unbranded kit. No third-party or unregistered CI kit will be permitted.
  12. All other rules and regulations apply / to be followed as per CI Technical Rules and Regulations.

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