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Coaching Teenage Girls Autumn 2023

The Coaching Teenage Girls workshop emerged from collaboration between Sport Ireland , SI Women in Sport, the Federation of Irish Sport, Life2Good


Event Description:

Coaching Teenage Girls in Sport Workshop (3-hours) Content and Learning Resources

While providing the opportunity to learn, the Sport Ireland Coaching approach teaching and learning is that it is each learner’s (coach’s) responsibility to be open minded and to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours to adopt to grow as a coach.

Workshop Content:

The workshop is made up of four main modules:

  1. Drop-out And Engagement in Girls’ Sport and Physical Activity
  2. Meeting the Psycho-Social Needs of Girls in Sport
  3. Key Considerations for Coaching Girls 12-17 years – Body image & Maturation
  4. Preparing for the Challenges of Adolescence in Girls

Coach Learning Resources

As well as the workshop, which is delivered by trained Coach Developers/Tutors, the learning resources provide for each coach consists of:

  • Pre-workshop task: A pre-workshop task to get each coach to think about good coaching practice with teenage girls
  • Reflective journal: After each section of the workshop each coach gets the opportunity to consider how the content may apply to their coaching
  • Coach’s manual: This consists of the content of the workshop, allowing the coach to read and review what was covered in each section of the workshop
  • Let’s Get Real tasks: These are for use post-workshop to support coaches to transfer their learning to their practical coaching, with the girls they coach, in their environment (club, school, community group)

Upcoming course details:

  • Date: Mon, 6th Nov
  • Time: 6.30-9.30pm
  • Online: Zoom
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