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5k+ Podcast Programme 2021

Meath LSP are delighted to announce the follow on the 5km+ running podcast programme starting Monday 8th March.


Event Description:

The 5k+ is a more advanced running podcast and suited to those who have completed our 3-5k programme or have adequate fitness levels to complete a 3-5k jog/run.

This 8 week podcast series will ensure you reach your ideal fitness goal by May 2021.

It is a step by step guide where Andrea McGuinness will build on your current fitness level and bring you to comfortably run 5k and more.

This programme costs €10 and once you register with us you will receive your podcast three times a week.  The podcast programme provides you with the opportunity to complete the programme outdoors/indoors and can be done at a time that is most convenient for you. Please adhere to the 5km restrictions.