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Groucho's GP 2024


This event takes place on the 11th of May. There will be the Groucho's GP and an A4 Event. Prizes for the top 6 in both events.


Event Description:

Set in the heart of the Orchard County, based in the village of Richhill, Groucho's GP has established itself as one of the most popular races in the Ulster calendar.

At a distance of 93.5km and with almost 1200mtrs of ascent, it will physically challenge all participants in the chosen Junior, A2 and A3 categories.

Who will leave with the honours & the prestigious Groucho's GP trophy.

Prizes for the top 6 as well as the 1st unplaced A3 and Junior.

On the same day we are running an A4 event with prizes for the top 6.

More details available on the Orchard CC Facebook page.

Sign on open from 9:30am, race rolls out at 12pm.

Entry for both available on Eventmaster.

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