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ONE Challenge 2022

This challenge has been created by O.N.E


Event Description:

This challenge has been created by O.N.E to honour the 26 Fallen Members of the Irish Defence Forces who were killed in action while serving with the United Nation in the Congo from 1960 to 1964.


The challenge will allow you to contribute whatever kilometres you wish to a combined total of 30,000 kilometres over the 26 days of the event.  The 30,000 represents a return journey of 24,000 Kilometres from Ireland to the Congo and approximately 6,000 Irish Troops that served there.


This is a challenge Open to All, you can take part by either cycling, running, walking, swimming or whatever form of exercise you choose.


THE AIM: The Aim of the Challenge is to Virtually accumulate 30,000 Kilometres over the 26 days of this event

THE DATES: From the 1st July 2022 to the 26th July 2022

FUNDRAISING: A page will be set up automatically on completion of registration. Fundraising is entirely optional.