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Irish Bling Hunters Virtual Events


Choose your distance and timeframe - many virtual events to choose from.

Contact person: Wayne Driscoll phone: 0862005652

Event Description:

Irish Bling Hunters are hosting a number of virtual run/walk/cycle/treadmill challenges to suit all abilities. Choose any distance from 5k to 100k to do in your own time wherever suits you.


  1. Roadrunner 5k a day for the month of June
  2. 100km Deadpool Challenge 
  3. I Smashed 100km with Hulk
  4. Unicorn 100km Challenge 
  5. I can run all day 100k with Captain America
  6. Simpsons Mega Run Challenge
  7. Superman 5k
  8. Superhero Virtual Challenges 5k/10k - Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman 
  9. Superhero Flash 5k/10k/ 21k
  10. Superhero Kids 1k/2k/3k or 5k
  11. 1000km Challenge
  12. Jack White's Inn 5k/10k Challenge


Our charity partners are

  • Saplings Special School for children with autism and learning difficulties
  • Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin
  • Barretstown 

If you take a sponsorship card for any of these charities and raise a minimum of 130 euro it's free to enter any challenge.

Once you've completed your challenge, send your details to to claim your medal and/or t-shirt.