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Noel Teggart Memorial

This event takes place on the 12th of June 2022


Event Description:


Banbridge CC’s Noel Teggart Memorial returns for 2022 with a revamped look on Sunday 12th June. With a new 19mile/31km circuit, as announced on the Banbridge CC website, the riders will face a new challenge this year. The club have also invested in one-way closure traffic management on multiple parts of the circuit to compliment the accredited marshal system introduced by Cycling Ulster this year, further enhancing event safety.
3 Senior races will be promoted as part of the event; A handicapped A1/A2 race will complete 4 laps for a total race distance of 77miles/124km. Prizes will be offered to the top 8 across the line, and the top 3 A2’s in this race, including £300 for the winner. This race is likely to attract interest for those warming up for the Ras Tailteann which is due to make a welcome return to Irish roads the following week.
A separate A3 race will face 3 laps, totalling 58 miles/93km. Prizes will be offered to the top 8 riders in this race also. We are opening this race to A2 and A3 women, with prizes for the top 3, dependant on entry numbers.
The A4 race will be subject to 2 laps, totalling 38.5 miles/62km. Prizes will be available for the top 6 riders A3 women will also be given the option to ‘ride down’ a category for this race, should they wish to do so. Prizes will be available for the top 3 women.
The U16 and U14 youth races will utilise the same circuit as the seniors, and given their maximum permitted race distances, 60km and 25km.
The U12 youth race will start and finish at the same location as all other races but will have a shortened circuit totalling 8.5km.
All races will leave the Race HQ at 11:45 for a neutralised roll out to the start area on the Rathfriland Rd. Races will commence at 12 noon.
All races are strictly pre-entry only. You can enter now on the Cycling Ireland EventMaster portal. Registration for all races will close at 22:00 on Thursday 9th June.
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