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Cycling Ireland - Bike for Life Programme (0 - 20km)

Introductory Eprogramme

4 Week Introductory eProgramme


Event Description:

Starting Tueday 16th June - 7pm-8pm.

Cycling Ireland Bike for Life Introductory eProgramme provides guidance to those whose previous cycling has been limited to short occasional rides of a few kilometres or for a person who has just rediscovered thier bike (18yrs+). The cost of the programme is €10 / £8.

Programe Content:

  • 4 weekly information sessions will be delivered via Zoom by Cycling Ireland qualified coach.

           - 16/06/2020 - Preparing for a Bike Ride / Bike repair & maintenance

           - 23/06/2020 - Riding safely on the road / Bike handling skills

           - 30/06/2020 - Road Etiquette / Using shared facilities

           - 07/072020 - Training for your cycling goals / Support available

  • 2/3 short individual rides each week (starting at 20/30minutes building up to 60minutes)
  • Participants should be comfortable riding up to 20km or roughly an hour's riding by the end of the introductory programme.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions to the coach throughout the online information sessions, and if you have any questions in between the online information sessions please do not hesitate to get in touch be emailing as we are here to support you on your cycling journey.