Sorry, this event is no longer for sale.

The Black Parade

Hey scenesters, dust off your converse & black eyeliner and come join us in the Bailey Allen. Aras na Mac Leinn, February 16th for the Black Parade!


Event Description:

An emo themed party for all, with live covers from Rock Soc bands and a full length performance from local legends Bees and Sawdust. Drag king Viktor Complex, and DJ,s. A retro Photo Booth from Photosoc and a black nail salon from Bród Soc. Show your appreciation for emo heritage and come down wearing your finest emo fit! Full bar available.

Brought to you by Rocksoc, Swiftie, Bród, XCX, Time Lord & Photo Socs and the SocsBox.

From 8pm to 10pm

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