Winter Challenge 21/22

Limerick Narwhals annual winter swim challenge from 1/11/21 to 31/3/22... Mix distances


Event Description:

The Challenge runs from 1 November to 31 March and successful Narwhal will receive a Digital Certificate of completion and Special Embroidered Cloth Badge of Honour for their robe or bag with your chosen Level. (fee inc p&p) .


Novice Narwhal swim 1000m “each” month and complete 6000m minimum total distance during the challenge period. Note Neoprene Allowed

Beginner Narwhal - swim 2000m “each” month and complete 12,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period.

Competent Narwhal - swim 3000m “each” month and complete 18,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period.

Proficient Narwhal - swim 5000m “each” month and complete 30,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period

Expert Narwhal - swim 10,000m “each” month and complete 60,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period

Ice Narwhal Under 7c TBC

Logging your meters per Month

Each Narwhals will receive an email with an Individual Google Drive Spreadsheet Share Link with Swimming Log Template to be filled in.

Example: Date, Meters, Location, Duration, Water & Air Temp

GPS watches perferred for distance & water temp reference.

Local knowledge of Swim distances is best.


Challenges 3-6 must be swum in a standard Swimsuit, Swim Cap and Goggles Note: Chin strap neoprene hat allowed. NO Gloves/Boots/Fins or Hoods.

The Novice Narwhal can wear Neoprene, Suit/ Hat/ Gloves /Boots /Fins.

All swims must be swum outdoors. Sea, Rivers, Lake and unheated lidos.

Swim Locations can be anywhere in Europe. North America above the 40 degree of latitude and Canada

Water Temperatures guide

Challenge is based on meters per month not water temperature so if we get a mild winter or harsh winter challenge remains the same . Please be honest with your meters.

Ice Narwhal : Only challenge where you have to find water under 7c TBC

Payment & Changing Level up or down

No refunds allowed on Payments.

You may Email us to alter level either up or down if you need to make a change during the challenge. This change can only be done once.

 Enjoy the challenge 

Winter Challenge 21/22 - Monday, November 01, 2021 - Online

Ticket Type Quantity Price Fee Subtotal
Novice Narwhal 1000m per month
25.00 1.75 26.75
Beginner Narwhal 2000m per month
25.00 1.75 26.75
Competent narwhal 3000m per month
25.00 1.75 26.75
Proficient Narwhals 5000m per month
25.00 1.75 26.75
Expert Narwhal 10000m per month
25.00 1.75 26.75
Total 0.00
Online ticket sales available between September 01, 2021 at 00:00 and November 30, 2021 at 00:00
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