Dublin Track Cycling International

This event takes place from 27th to 28th August 2022

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Event Description:

The Dublin Track Cycling International 2022 will be an Outdoor UCI Class 2 cycling event.

The DTI consists a number of different track events and is run over two days.

The top riders in the different categories will gain valuable UCI points towards qualification for the World Championships.

Domestic riders must be of sufficient ability to meet entry standards for a UCI ranked track event. Please note that priority will be given to International riders so entry of Cl2 is not a guarantee of acceptance to ride and there are also rules in relation to percentage of field being local. We reserve the right to refuse entry

** Foreign Licence Holders **

Please note - you must email track@cyclingireland.ie with a letter from your Federation to show you are in good standing with them and also a copy of your licence (pdf or photo). Once this is in place we will create a login profile for you to enter online.

Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


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