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St. Patricks Day Race / Starsky CC

This event takes place on the 17th March 2022


Event Description:

St. Patricks Day Race / Starsky CC
Today Starsky Cycling take you on a racing adventure on the most celebrated day in Ireland. You will be racing on hilly Wicklow mountains that will only allow best to win!


We apologize but after investigating the route, constructions started on some parts of the route and we were forced to cut the parts were constructions are happening.


Route Here
St. Patricks Day Race / Starsky CC

Race Start Info
A4 – 10:00am 5 laps (60km)
Woman – 10:10am 5 laps (60km)
A+ A1 – 12:30pm 8 laps (100km)
A2 – 12:40pm 8 laps (100km)
Junior, A3 – 12:50pm 6 laps (75km)

Prizes For All Categories Up To 6th Place

Start Location
Kilbride GAA Club – W91 A37V

The winners are asked to stay around to receive their prizes shortly after the finish. The results will be posted online on Starsky Cycling website ( and Facebook page ( after the race.

Limited parking is provided at the start location, please ask Marshals at the start location where to park your car.

Pre-entry is mandatory via Eventmaster. Cut off for sign-on/check-in is 16th March 8 pm day prior to race (Wednesday). There is limited number of places available.

The event is Cycling Ireland approved, i.e., existing CI memberships are valid and therefore you are insured under your own licence at this event. One Day Licences are not available for this event.

Our club has no litter policy please use litter bags and rubbish bins provided on the day of the event.

Please heed marshals’ safety advice on the day.

Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


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