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New Year CX @ Curaheen

This event takes place on Sunday 8th Jan 2023


Event Description:

Entries Open Monday 19th DEC & close Friday 6th January @ 20:00-  2023 membership required. 

A 2023 Cycling Ireland Membership is required. You can enter as a non-members using the link below and we will email you a discount code that you can put towards 2023 memebrship when you wish to renew.


Adult Non-members can enter HERE 
Youths & Junior require a Cycling Ireland membership


Detailed Running Order

09:30 = U6 Fun Race
09:35 = U8 Boys and Girls Races
09:50 = U10 Boys and Girls Races
10:10 = U12 Boys and Girls Races
10:35 = U16 Boys
10:36 = U14 Boys
10:37 = U16 Girls and U14 Girls
11:30 = Senior Women incl Juniors
11:32 = Men's B-Race (incl Newcomer Juniors)
13:00 = Men's A-Race (incl Juniors) 





Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


Licence Number:


Date Of Birth: