EcoTrail Wicklow 2024

EcoTrail Wicklow 2024, September 28th 2024


Event Description:

Event Date: Saturday, 28th September 2024

Event Location: Bray, Wicklow

Race Distances: 10K, 19K, 30K, 47K, 80K

Discover the ultimate trail running experience at EcoTrail Wicklow 2024. Set against the backdrop of Ireland's breathtaking landscapes, this event offers runners the chance to explore the stunning Bray seafront and the picturesque Wicklow Mountains. Whether you're new to trail running or an experienced athlete, there's a race distance tailored to your abilities.

Why You Should Participate:

  • Stunning Scenery: Run through some of Ireland's most beautiful and varied terrains.
  • Eco-Conscious Event: Be part of a sustainable event focused on minimizing environmental impact and promoting eco-responsibility.
  • Flexible Race Options: Choose from 10K, 19K, 30K, 47K, and 80K distances, suitable for all skill levels.
  • Community Spirit: Join a vibrant community of trail running enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Embrace the challenge and beauty of EcoTrail Wicklow 2024. Sign up today for an exceptional trail running experience!

ECOTRAIL WICKLOW 2024 - Saturday, September 28, 2024 - Bray Seafront

Ticket Type Quantity Price Fee Subtotal
10km Tier 4
39.00 2.73 41.73
19km Tier 4
69.00 4.83 73.83
30km Tier 4
79.00 5.53 84.53
46km Tier 4
89.00 6.23 95.23
80km Tier 4
99.00 6.93 105.93
Total 0.00
Online ticket sales available between October 26, 2023 at 00:15 and September 28, 2024 at 00:15
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