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Ernie Magwood Super Six League 2023

All rounds will be held on Frosses Road and on Thursday evenings with first rider off at 7.01pm. Please select your correct category when entering.


Event Description:
Rd.1 25/05/2023
Rd.2 08/06/2023
Rd.3 15/06/2023
Rd.4 06/07/2023
Rd.5 20/07/2023
Rd.6 27/07/2023
General league Regulations and requirements.
A minimum of a limited competition licence is required.
Overall prizes are awarded to top 3 in each category. To avail of overall (1st/2nd/3rd) event prizes you must complete 5 of the 6 rounds.
If less than 3 competitors in any category 1st prize will only be presented to overall winner.
There will be a £20 prize in each round for fastest Male/Female on the evening.
A rear light is compulsory.  We recommend a light intended for daylight use with a daytime visible flash or DVF. As a rule of thumb, if your light is not distinguishable from 50 metres, it is not suitable for use in our events. It is recommended to fit the light to your bicycle ensuring it is secure and perpendicular to the ground at approximately saddle height.
Please be aware that LED lights rely on a recent charge and loose effectiveness if not viewed straight on. Take a few minutes to check your light, it is the first line of defence for your safety, and it may save your life.
PLEASE NOTE: You will not be allowed to start without an effective rear light.
All entries will be emailed the starting order and league rules the night before each round.
Please select your correct category when entering.

Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


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