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Run Jump Throw - Kilmacow, Kilkenny

This series designed around introducing developmental coaches to the basics of some running, throwing and jumping events!


Event Description:

Run, Jump, Throw Series- St. Sennans - Kilmacow

19th November - Hurdles & Sprints

26th November - Shot Putt & Javelin

3rd December - Long Jump & High Jump

AIM: To upskill developmental coaches in a range of different events and to promote a multi event approach to their athletes in clubs, schools etc. In line with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) it is important for both athlete and coach to understand the benefits of coaching and partcipating in a number of different events before specialising. 

FORMAT: The workshops are delivered over the course of three consecutive weeks with two different events covered on each evening. Each event will be designated 1 hr.

CONTENT: Learn the basics of each of the event groups (Sprints, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot, Javelin). We will also get the athletes doing the event and look at common faults and how to correct. 

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