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Multi Events Coach Network Day

Network day for coaches of all event groups, with presentations, practical workshops, and Q&As on Multievents, Speed, & Drills.


Event Description:

Laura Turner-Alleyne will lead a multievents workshop - both theory and practical, focusing on speed for the multievents, and a hurdles focused practical session. Laura is an Olympian (100m) who now coaches athletes in the multievents (Holly Mills - 4th at World Indoors 2022), as well as sprints and hurdles specialists.

Dr. Phil Kearney will deliver workshops on both Short and Long term athlete development, focusing on skill acquisition and sequencing of drills, and maturation in young athletes. Phil is a former decathlete who now lectures in Skill Acquisition, Coaching and Performance in UL.

Shane Aston will deliver a session focusing on throws development and training for multi-events athletes. Shane is an international decathlete, with a 7200+ decathlon PB, and an accomplished coach and coach educator.

Niamh Fogarty will deliver a short interactive workshop on coaching women and menstruation in sport as the subject of he current PhD research. Niamh is also an international discus thrower and will add a wealth of practical and research-based knowledge to this network day.


10am - 4:30pm