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DeRonde CX Relay TT

This event takes place on the 6th February 2022


Event Description:

10am| U6 Fun Race (as normal)

Followed by the U8

10.30|  FAMILY CX TT.
Family teams will have to comprise of at least one adult, or a U16 category rider. Other members can range in age from U10 to U14

Teams do not have to be from the same family unit

Teams have to be a minimum of 3

No Maximum is being specified

All teams will receive participation medals

All teams will be timed

Select your TT as appropriate for your family team, based on age and ability

Race 1 . One Lap (2.3Km) of the main course (including all obstacles). All team members must cross the finish line together (approx. 15 mins race)

Race 2 . Two laps ( 4.6KM) of the main course (including all obstacles). All members must cross the finish line together (30 mins race)

11.30 Main DeRonde CX RELAY TT (all participants must be over the age of 14 (U16 category minimum age)

Please Note this is one race. Team times will be calculated including all time bonuses to establish the winner.

Prices for the top 3 teams

All teams will be timed

All times will be published

The TT requires the completion of 18 laps

Each rider must complete 6 laps, in the following order. Rider No 1 followed by rider No 2, followed by No 3, followed by No 1, then No 2 then No3 and so on . That gives each rider about 15/20 mins off. This time should be used to wash the bike, take a drink, stay warm and get ready for the next lap.

The team timing chip can only be handed over from teammate to teammate in the designated transition box.

Race rules will be applied rigidly

If you are entering a team for DeRonde CX RELAY TT, you have to specify which category the team will race under

Pick from the following list, and include this in your email application

• Senior( can inc Jnr or Cat U16s) (zero handicap applies, male and female can be included)

• Mixed Team or Female Team (team to include at least one female rider or more) Time Bonus will apply based on team make up ( per female)

• M40 (all riders cat M40) Time Bonus will apply

• M50/60 (all riders cat M50 or 60) Time Bonus will apply

• B Cat CX Riders (to inc riders who have not ridden in a A race for some time. B category ranking may be refused based on past performance.) Time Bonus will apply per B rider

Time bonuses will be calculated as fairly as possible based on past performance

Please note

MTBs can be used in the Family races and in the Main CX TT if the B category ranking is approved only

Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


Licence Number:


Date Of Birth: