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Endurance Running Course - Online

This is a certified course which will give basic knowledge and skills to coach Endurance Running.


Event Description:

Date :  2nd December 2023

Time: 2pm

Venue: online



Barriers to Running/Fit4Life/Leadership

  • Coaches will learn about some of the barriers/challenges people experience with regard to starting running and ways to counter act this
  • Coaches will learn about Fit4Life, its impact on athletics in Ireland and what it’s all about
  • Coaches will learn about why people want to become leaders and the role leaders play

Coaching/Motivating/Goal Setting

  • Coaches will learn about the art of coaching, coaching confidence and the importance of good communication and building relationships
  • Coaches will learn about motivation and the part it plays in the coaching process
  • Coaches will learn about the basics of goal setting and come away knowing how to introduce this with their athletes

Warming Up & Warming Down Practical on Track

  • Coaches will learn about the theory behind a warm up and cool down and know how to bring an athlete through the physical part of a warm up and cool down and how best to lay this out
  • Coaches will learn about running technique and some drills to help with this

Training Principals/Heart Rates/Energy Systems

  • Coaches will be introduced to the principles of training that will help guide everything they do when planning training
  • Coaches will learn about the basics of training using a heart rate monitor and they benefits of this
  • Coaches will be introduced to the basics of the energy systems and how they govern training & racing decisions

Training Aims/Setting Up a Training Plan Theory

  • Coaches will learn about the key aims of endurance training and what coaches are trying to achieve from a scientific viewpoint
  • Coaches will learn about how to set up a basic training plan and know what a microcyle, mesocyle and macrocycle is

Setting Up a Training Plan Practical  (Coaches Work in Groups Developing Training Microcycles)

  • Coaches will learn about developing a full microcyle of a given athlete and get vital practice writing this down and presenting to the group
  • Coaches will learn about how others in the group can achieve the same goals for a given athlete but in a different training plan format

Final Training Tips and Q&A

Coaches will learn some final useful tips that will add to their coaching armoury and have the opportunity to ask any questions with regard to the course or training in general


Entry Requirements: The Endurance Running Course is open to all those 16 years or over. It is open to people from all sporting codes and not just members of Athletics Ireland.

Assessment/ Qualification: There is no exam.  This course is certified by Athletics Ireland & Sport Ireland

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