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John Shanahan Memorial TTT

This event takes place on the 19-20th of February 2022


Event Description:
The John Shanahan Memorial is a 2-Up Handicap Team Time Trial in honour of former Midleton CTC club-memberJohn Shanahan. John was a visually impaired tandem cyclist, who passed away in 2020. This 2 rider time trial is on an 18mile (30km) course and is open to road bikes and tandems.
There will be a timed start at 12.00 on Saturday the 19th, however teams can complete the course betweeen 13.00 and 16.00 on Saturday 19 or between 09.00-16.00 Sunday 20 February and record same on Strava. Time handicaps will be awarded by the event organiser when you register your team with the event organiser at
A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the winners of the handicap event, as well as prizes for other category winners.

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