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St Laurance O'Toole - Fit4Life

St Laurence O'Toole

7 week 'Fit4Life' programme starting Wednesday 8th November


Event Description:

With 7 weeks to Christmas why not join our Fit 4 Life group every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7pm on our new track where you can access a safe and well lit place to walk/ jog on these dark winter nights

Whether your a beginner looking to get fit by starting running and maybe reach a 5k target or if you already doing a bit yourself this group is for you.

Under the guidance of an experienced coach you will enjoy the benefits of his advice as you increase your jogging / running distance over the 7 week period combined with strength and conditioning exercises at the end of each session and enjoy the company of like minded people as you reach target goals together.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm - 8pm

Location : St Laurence O Tooles Clubhouse 

€35 in total for 7 weeks and each participant will receive a Fit 4 Life snood on their first night


*min age16 on 01.11.2023