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Swimmin Women Programme 2022


We are delighted to partner with Swim Ireland to bring you their Swimmin Women's swimming programme!


Event Description:

The programme is a fun 6 week Aqua Aerobics & Swimming programme (you do not need to be a confident swimmer). It is specifically for midlife females to support you through life’s milestones. It is a grouped session and each participant will receive a goodie bag with a swim hat and women’s health pamphlets included with specific information on perimenopause and menopause.

Programme Details:
  • ​Start Date: July 2022
  • Slot 1: 7pm 
  • Slot 2: 8pm
  • ​Venue: Carraig NaBhfear Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Who: Women - midlife females to support you through life’s milestones