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This Little Piggy Went To Town “The Limerick Food Mile”


This Little Piggy Went To Town takes place 4 Hotels, the Limerick Strand Hotel, The Absolute Hotel, The Savoy Hotel & The Clayton Hotel


Event Description:

Inspired by the history of Limericks bacon industry, the Pigtown Culture and Food Series is an exciting new programme of themed events throughout September and October 2017 in Limerick developed by the Limerick Food Group. The series will focus on Limerick’s unique heritage showcasing the great food available locally and building on the county’s deep rooted food heritage.  

The creative brains behind the initiative include some of Limerick’s top hotels including The Limerick Strand Hotel, The Absolute Hotel, The Savoy Hotel & the Clayton Hotel Limerick, joining forces to present  “The Limerick Food Mile”, a unique culinary experience, reflecting the relisliance and passion of the people of Limerick.

To celebrate the launch of “The Limerick Food Mile” they are hosting a special evening on Friday September 22nd 2017.  The event kicks-off from 6:15pm and consists of an exclusive 4 course meal, each course served at a different hotel with each Executive Chef proudly presenting a course consisting of exciting innovative  Pigtown Themed locally sourced food each course will be paired with wine.

Limerick Carriage Tours have also come onboard so there’s no need to worry about travelling from one establishment to the other as they shall cart guests between each location on their beautiful horse drawn carriage. As soon as you step aboard the luxurious carriage you will be greeted by your own personal guide to show you around the many wonderful historical sites and beautiful scenery that our proud and majestic city has to offer!  The weatherproof carriage comes with warm wool blankets to snuggle into.

Timings and details of this Unique event are as follows: 
Group A: Arrival At Strand Hotel at 6:15pm
Group B: Arrival At Strand Hotel at 6:45pm

Group #A - Depart Strand 7:00 pm - Arrive Absolute 7:15 pm
Group  #B - Depart Strand 7:30 pm - Arrive Absolute 7:45 pm
#A - Depart Absolute 8:00 pm - Arrive Savoy 8:15 Pm
#B - Depart Absolute 8:30 pm - Arrive Savoy 8:45 Pm
#A- Depart Savoy 9:00 pm - Arrive Clayton 9:15 Pm
# B - Depart Savoy 9:30 pm - Arrive Clayton 9:45 Pm