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Cork Bike Week Events 2021


Cork Bike Week Cycling Events 11th-19th Sept 2021


Event Description:

Cork Bike Week Cycles 11th-19th Sept 2021

  • SAT 11TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Cycle to Great Island & Cobh 
  • SAT 11TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Sunset Cycle Through the Planets 
  • SUN 12TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week cycle to Mullinavasigh Waterfall 
  • SUN 12TH SEPT: Courtmac & Back Cycle 
  • SUN 12TH SEPT: West Cork Mystery Bicycle Buffet 
  • MON, 13TH SEPT:Cork Bike Week day time long cycle to Ballincollig 
  • MON, 13TH SEPT: Cork Bike week evening cycle to Ballincollig Regional Park 
  • TUES 14TH SEPT: Cork Bike week cycle to Blarney & Proceeding Bike Doctor 
  • TUES 14TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Parklets Tour
  • WED 15TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Evening Cycle to Curraheen
  • WED 15TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Parents & Toddlers cycle to the Marina
  • THURS 16TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Cycle to Cobh & proceeding Bike Doctor
  • THURS 16TH SEPT: Women On Wheels Programme Taster Skibbereen
  • THURS 16TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Old Railway Thursday Evening Cycle
  • FRI 17TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Parents & Toddlers cycle to the Lee Fields
  • FRI 17TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Culture night Culture Crawl Cycle
  • FRI 17TH SEPT: Parks, Greenways & Quiteways of Cork City & proceeding bike doctor
  • SAT 18TH SEPT: Down the Line with a 99 Cycle 
  • SAT 18TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Cycle to Mullinavasigh Waterfall 
  • SAT 18TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Street Art Tour
  • SUN 19TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Cycle to Passage
  • SUN 19TH SEPT: Cork Bike Week Cycle Through Time