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Michael Shiels & Darach McCarthy Road Races - Round 1 National Road Series

This event takes place 20th June 2021


Event Description:
  • Womens Senior & Junior |  Start Time 8.40am. 83km. Field Limit 50 riders.
  • A4| Start Time 8:35am. 61km. Field Limit 50 riders.

  • A3| Start Time 8:30am. 83km. Field Limit 65 Riders.
  • Junior Men| Start Time. 12:35pm. 83km. Field Limit 35 Riders.

  • A1/A2 | Start Time. 1.00pm. 137km. Field Limit 120 Riders


Event close off is on June 13th. If the event that any race field does not reach its maximum capacity we may increase the field size for any race starting at a similar time. The event will run in three waves with wave 1 at 8.30am Womens & A4 races limited to a combined 100 riders. Wave 2  at 11am is A3 & Junior Races limited to a combined 100 riders. The final wave at 1.30pm is the combined A1/2 race with 120 riders. Early entry is encouraged. 

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