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Lets Get Cycling Programme 2021


This is a 6 week "sofa to saddle" cycling programme that caters for all cyclists with the main focus being on learning skills and enjoying the bike!


Event Description:
Lets Get Cycling - Sofa To Saddle 6 Week Programme

This is a "sofa to saddle" cycling programme that caters for the improver-intermediate cyclist. It’s suitable for people that want to cycle more regularly for commuting, leisure or fitness. Each week, there will be a group cycle; a short workshop on a bike related skills and a chance to socialise in a safe environment.  The first cycles are on off road pedestrian routes, however, over the duration of the course, participants will progress to cycling confidently and safely on roads with moderate traffic levels. Each session is structured so participants gain confidence and improve bike handling skills. 

The course is run over 6 weeks and is led by a qualified and experienced Cork Sports Partnership Cycling instructor.

What will you learn?:
  • Pre-ride checks: learn how to systematically check your bike 
  • Bike Handling Skills: gain confidence signalling and checking for traffic behind
  • Riding as a Group: Riding in pairs, group riding etiquette.
  • Rules of the Road for Cyclists
  • Tackling Road Junctions, Roundabouts and Other Road Features
  • Basic Bike Repair & Maintenance
  • Puncture Repair: How to solve punctures on the road
  • What’s Next?: Establishing new cycling goals