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Endurance Coach - Mullingar AC


Saturday 3rd December 2022


Event Description:

The aim of the Endurance Running course is to give basic knowledge/skills to the endurance coach to help assist in the delivery of coaching sessions to young athletes/Fit4Life groups/Road Runners etc.


Barriers to Running/Fit4Life/Leadership

Coaching/Motivating/Goal Setting

Warming Up & Warming Down Practical

Training Principals/Heart Rates/Energy Systems

Training Aims/Setting Up a Training Plan

Setting Up a Training Plan Practical  (Coaches Work in Groups Developing Training 7-day Microcycles)

Course Details

Duration: This is a course over 1 day or 2 nights (8 hours in total)

Entry Requirements: The Endurance Running Course is open to all those 16 years or over. It is open to people from all sporting codes and not just members of Athletics Ireland.

Assessment/ Qualification: There is no exam and is certified by Athletics Ireland & Coaching Ireland

Cost:  €60 

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