Island Swim 2022

Limericks island swim. 3.8k Challenge in the heart of Medieval Limerick.


Event Description:

Limericks Island Challenge is one of the mid west greatest sporting events.This challenge will never be the same twice with one year an easy swim to the next one of the hardest swims in Ireland. When even a small shower could make the difference of finishing it or not.While swimming this you will pass some very historical places such sites as Barrington's Hospital, Baals bridge, The canal were Guinness was delivered to the mid west and that just the first 500m. Before heading up the famous Abbey River were the local angling cots were invented, passing Artlunkard Boat club.While on the way back you get to see the famous Thomand park, the way only swimmers get to see it, King John Castle and the town hall before finishing at the sight were the first Vikings set foot in Limerick. And to top it off why not get a view of St. Mary's Cathedral where the last king of Munster once had his Throne, and a view down the Shannon river, where your next stop is America First time swimmers must do a 3k swim before doing the Island swim challenge.

Island swim Challenge 2022 - Saturday, September 03, 2022 - Curraghour Boat Club

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Island Swim Past Swimmer
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