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Maple M2M

MAPLE MIZEN 2 MALIN Cycle (15th JULY 2023) MALIN 2 MIZEN 2 MALIN Cycle (14th JULY 2023)


Event Description:

Maple MIZEN 2 MALIN 2023

This Official Cycling Ireland ultra cycling event has long become known as the best and most famous point to point endurance test in Ireland.

M2M2M - Friday 14th July 2023 at 7am -  1140km.
Starts Malin head to Mizen and back to Malin head 

Mizen2Malin - Saturday 15th July 2023 at 7am - 570km.
Starting Mizen head and finishing at Malin head

Categories are:

Un Supported Solo
Un Supported Pairs team

Supported Solo
Supported Pairs team
Supported 4person team

Cut -Off time for M2M (36hrs) and for M2M2M (72hrs) making the finish line non-negotiable, where there is a will, you must find a way.

1. Everyone follows a fixed GPX course.
2. If self-supported means completely zero supported
3. Individuals must carry provided GPS tracker.
4. Drafting is not permitted unless competing as a pair or four person.
5. Everyone is responsible for his/her actions, and think safety first when making decisions.
6. Insurance is mandatory. Cycling Ireland licence covers your event insurance.
7. Helmets, lights, reflective gear and fully functional equipment is essential and mandatory.
8. Unsupported riders ONLY get one Bag taken from start to finish line.
9. Live Gps event map and athlete tracker provided
10. An experience you’ll never forget

Entry Rules:

Over 18
Agree to Event T&C's
Sign event wavier on event day.

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