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Women's Track League 2023

This event takes place on the 1st/15th/29th of April 2023


Event Description:


This will run on Saturday April 01st, April 15th and April 29th at 1430 at Sundrive Velodrome.

This league will be divided into an A and B category based on track experience and each group will have 4 races per event.

This is a 'pre season' 3 week league to get female cyclists ready for the midweek track leagues and also all the national events for 2023.
This is an ideal opportunity for Junior Women to get ready for their National Championship and for all to get race ready for the Duane Delaney Track Grand Prix

Tickets €10 

Track Accreditation required.

Hire bikes available.


Please enter your Cycling Ireland Licence Number and Date of Birth


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