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Sporting Services

EventMaster can provide the following sporting services

  • Online registration including
  • Customised validation
  • Email confirmation to registrants
  • Assigned participant race numbers
  • Integrated Manual / Postal entry registrations - As postal entries are added to the system the overall entries are combined into one system.
  • Customised validation
  • Email confirmation to registrants (where email is submitted)
  • Assigned participant race numbers integrated with the assigned online registration numbers
  • Reporting portal for event organiser detailing
    1. Revenue generated to date
    2. Participants registered to date (including all online and postal).
    3. Breakout as per requirements e.g. reporting by gender / or location.
  • Integration to your website
  • Participants do not leave your website to register.
  • Payment directly to your account ensuring cashflow through the registration process to your event – not just paid after the event.
  • Accepts all major credit cards and Laser cards.
  • We have a large database that can be contacted to promote your event.