Online fundraising made simple.

No subscription costs.
The Eventmaster fundraising platform has been designed to meet the requirements of event promoters and benefactors.
The system centres around benefactors using events in order to generate fundraising revenue.
Fundraising Process:
    • Event promoters can align themselves with a benefactor or multiple benefactors in some cases. This in turn will create a campaign for that event in order to fundraise.
    • At the point of event registration/ticket purchase the ticket holder will be asked if they wish to create a fundraising page.
    • After the registrant has completed their event purchase, an online fundraising page will be automatically created for them.
    • Registrants can then share their fundraising pages with their friends and immediately start receiving donations.
    • All funds raised for the benefactor will be transferred to their bank account in real time using Stripe payments.
Before a non-profit can get setup they must have a Stripe account.