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Save Dublin Zoo Bling Hunters Virtual Challenge

A Virtual Run brought to you by Bling Hunters!


Event Description:

Dublin zoo is in trouble and struggling to keeps its doors open. The situation around covid has destroyed any income the zoo had coming in this year.

Your support for Dublin zoo will ensure this Irish treasure is available for generations to come

This is a fitness challenge and can take place from anywhere in the world in your own time at your own pace and its that simple.

**Run, walk, treadmill or cycle or any other form of exercise where you can record your kilometers until you hit your target and send in your evidence to our Facebook page BLING HUNTERS or to this email**

To claim your medal and completion certificate

You can choose your own distance and we have no time limit on the challenge.

Fundraising.. We have created a BLING HUNTERS save Dublin zoo fundraising page with just given and you can click on the link to share with family and friends to let them know your taking on the challenge. This is optional and you don't have to share to sign up but the funds raised will help the zoo continue its amazing work

All funds raised except for medal and tshirt costs will be donated to dublin zoo

Dublin zoo message

As a registered charity, Dublin zoo rely on ticket sales for almost 90 percent of the funding to keep Dublin zoo going.

After the gates closed for the second time we're sad o say the future of Dublin zoo is uncertain

Our goel is to raise vital funds to help cover the costs of animal care so we can continue to protect wildlife and support conservation for generations to come. It costs over 500,000 euro per month to give the animals the highest standard of care that They deserve and even the smallest of donations will help see us through these challenging times.

All funds raised will go directly into the care of over 400 animals at the zoo

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone, so we are only asking people to give what they can.

Your support really means the world to us and all the incredible animals that live here in Dublin zoo

For more information or to donate further or become a sponsor of this event please contact Wayne on the Facebook page BLING HUNTERS or


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